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Targeted internship
humanitarian aid by students of the higher institute of technology of Montplaisir (ISTM, Valence / France) in horizon

During this humanitarian internship, the students were able to achieve many objectives that
they were fixed before their departure:

  • Share knowledge with Horizon Orthotists-Prosthetists.

  • Carry out fittings in a limited time.

  • Help patients waiting for an appliance.

on 12/16/2021 a music therapy session organized for horizon children

Interest of these sessions:

Communication skills (use sounds and vocal / verbal gestures);

Social skills (making eye contact, initiating interaction and self-esteem);

Sensory skills (through touch, listening and levels of consciousness);

Physical skills (control and movement of fine and gross motor skills);

Cognitive skills (concentration and attention, imitation and sequencing);

Emotional skills (non-verbal expression of feelings).



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