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The association


The Horizon des Handicapées Association was created on December 22, 1994 and recognized as being of public utility on July 2, 1997.
A major player in disability in Morocco, it implements actions aimed at the integration and para-medical, medical, social and economic treatment of disability, whether by helping people with disabilities or by preventive and awareness raising.
It has more than 3,200 members, and employs 17 people at the Amnougar center, and in Ouarzazate, 40 people, including 18 women. 83% of employees, in all departments, are disabled. In addition, three people are seconded by the Ministry of Health.

Our history

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Our approach

Like many associations, Horizon was born from a personal experience, that of Pierre Katrakazos its founder, who was hospitalized following an accident. On leaving care and rehabilitation, he wanted to set up a structure that would help the disabled. Indeed, at the time of the creation of Horizon, there was nothing to help the disabled in Morocco, and they most often lived in very difficult conditions, materially and morally speaking. Disability impoverishes and marginalizes.
This is therefore the meaning of the Association's brand, included in the statutes, no handicap thanks to integration.
The integration process goes beyond medical and para-medical treatment, or the supply of equipment.
Integration is a global approach, so that the disabled person can have as easy access as possible to training, to work, and to all activities of daily life.
Without the possibility of working, the disabled person becomes a heavy burden for their family, which can be a tragedy in a country like Morocco, where a large part of the population, in rural areas, still lives on the poverty line. . As Morocco does not yet have legislation requiring companies to hire people with disabilities, quality vocational training is essential to allow access to employment.
In the same logic, we must also, even more than elsewhere, learn to live together.
Provide information on disability, its different forms, and the possibilities of treatment.
Carry out prevention and screening actions.
Explain how to adapt a workstation, welcome a student, simply live with the family.
As economic integration goes through work, Horizon is an employer, since more than 80% of the association's employees are disabled. In addition, the trainees of Amnougar, the vocational training center, are followed and helped at the end of their studies, to set up their own project.

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Association office

Following the general meeting of July 7, 2013, the office of the Horizon association for the disabled is made up of:

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